All About Burmeses & Bombays:

After fifteen years of breeding this great breed.. A wonderful little feline so elegant and graceful a page turns ... I stop this breed where it is quite complicated to find non-inbred pedigrees and breeders unharmed by this damned gene that is the "head defect" (American Burmese and Bombay) 

Out of respect for unborn animals I refuse that they are weakened. 
- the very last litter for spring hoping for a little Burmese that will stay near me. 
🐱All my females and males will be sterilized. 🐱


Kittens coming soon


All About Burmeses & Bombays:

From yesterday to today
The original cat of all Burmeses is called Wong-Mau. She was brought back to San Francisco in 1930 by Major Thomson, then a doctor stationed in Bangkok. On the advice of a geneticist, he crossed with other cats from Thailand, including Siamese, to fix his dress with delicate shades of brown. In the late 1950s, American breeders stopped these marriages altogether and accepted only one color, seal sepia (also known as sable or sable). In the 1970s, the employment of a few exceptional cats reinforced the American Burmese type: rounded head, rounded forehead, round eyes and an ultra short body. The Bombay is the little brother of the American Burmese. This breed was created by Nikki Horner, an American breeder who dreamed of a domestic cat with the look of a black panther. After various trials, she had the idea of crossing Burmeses with black American Shorthairs. From 1966 to 1972, a total of 27 litters and over 100 kittens were needed before Nikki admitted having achieved her goal. Bombay was born.

His look
The American Burmese and Bombay are very powerful and athletic cats with surprising weight for their size. The head is round, with a rounded forehead and a marked stop and, most importantly, large round eyes of a beautiful golden color. The neckline is rather short. The body is compact with a well open rib cage. Shoulders and hips are rounded. The tail is medium in size. The characteristic fur is very short, close to the body and satiny. While the Bombay is jet black, the American Burmese has a typical coat pattern called sepia, where the color is lighter on the body to intensify at the ends without much contrast. Four colors are accepted: seal sepia (sable), chocolate sepia, blue sepia and lilac sepia.

His compagny

The American Burmese and Bombay are easy going cats. Rather calm and collected, they can have moments of great activity when they play with their master or go on an imaginary hunting party. Their ultra short fur is maintenance free, the caresses sufficient to shine their hair. Unlike other black cats, the Bombay's color does not suffer from prolonged exposure to the sun which gives it a reddish tinge. So much the better, because he loves sunbathing!

Burmeses & Bombays Standard :

"Come, my beautiful cat, on my heart
lover ; Hold back the claws of your paw,
And let me dive into your beautiful eyes
Mixed metal and agate.
When my fingers stroke at leisure
Your head and your elastic back,
And let my hand get drunk with pleasure
To feel your electric body. "
¤¤START¤¤Charles Baudelaire¤¤END¤¤

The history of Burmese beginns in 1930 in Rangoon, the capital of Burma. A US Army medic, Dr. Thompson, noticed a female cat named "Wong Mau" because of her beautiful dark brown fur. In San Francisco, Wong Mau was crossed with a Siamese male. In the second generation, Wong Mau gave birth to kittens resembling him with the same coat color. Today in France there are two types of Burmese: the American Burmese and the English Burmese.

The history of Bombay is more recent. This is not a natural breed, but a breed from the imagination of an American breeder. In the 60s, Nikki Horner created this new breed by crossing a Burmese and a black American shorthair. The result was startling. The Bombay was born and the breeder's dream of owning a miniature living room black panther came true after many years of work.

Characteristics :
The Bombay and the American Burmese share a similar standard. They have a pleasantly rounded head with a short nose, the body is compact and very muscular, the coat is very shiny close to the body. The Bombay wears a black dress only, while the American Burmese has several colors in its wardrobe: seal-sepia (sable), chocolate-sepia (champagne), blue-sepia, lilac-sepia.

Very uncommon in the world, the two races often breed together, and can be intermarried. In the breeding of the American Bombay / Burmese, only the American Sable Burmese can be crossed with the Bombay. Thus, the litters are often mixed with Bombays and Burmese kittens.

Marriages allowed in Bombay breeding: Bombay x Bombay Bombay x American Burmese Marriage allowed in the breeding of the American Burmese: American Burmese x American Burmese (any marriage with an English Burmese is prohibited and not recognized by the LOOF).