Somalis Health

All of our Cats are tested for genetically traceable diseases. 

All our cats are unharmed. Consequently all their descendants are unharmed by descent.

-  Déficite en pyruvate kynase.. PKDef  To learn more about...

-  Atrophie progressive de la rétine PRA-rdAc  To learn more about...

Other ADN Tests : 

- All our cats are genetically identified (DNA card) and their blood group is also DNA tested. 

- For all kittens who go to breeding the parental filiation will be made.

All our breeders are FIV / FELV tested and free. 

The Alantolie Cattery is a family breeding of Norwegian cats, American Bombays-Burmese and Somalis. We are located in Loué, near Le Mans (Pays de Loire).

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Alantolie Cattery
Adress : 12 rue Robert Schuman 
72540 LOUÉ
Phone : +33 6 26 06 65 12